OMNI LED Flood Lights to Illuminate the CCP Liwasang Asean Park

This coming November 3rd, OMNI LED flood lights will light up a giant Christmas tree set to enliven the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) Liwasang Asean Park – a light installation that will surely capture the heart and soul of the one-of-a-kind “Paskong Pinoy.”

Entitled “Habi ng Pagkakaisa: Weaving the Multi-Cultural Filipino Together,” the Christmas tree is the winning entry of the recently-concluded CCP-OMNI Holiday Lights Installation Competition. Designed by WTA Architecture and Design Studio Architects Rochell Ong and Louie Suico, the must-see lighting installation was inspired by the country’s various colorful weaving traditions such as those by the Kalinga in Luzon, Bagtason in Visayas, the Bagobo, Mandaya and the T’Boli of Mindanao. According to the young architects, their design “aims to empower the weaving industry of our nation, which is deeply rooted in our rich culture as it is the same for all ASEAN countries.”

Habi ng Pagkakaisa

As such, the winning entry has been chosen for its innovativeness in the use of Filipino lantern-making technologies, feasibility, eco-friendliness, and its close ties to the theme of “Paskong Pinoy” and the CCP’s mandate for showcasing artistic excellence, as well as Omni’s mission of delivering innovation and superior workmanship. Now on its second year, the competition is an ongoing collaboration of our company with the leading institution in the promotion of arts and culture in the country. It has been designed to find creative and unique lighting solutions, such as the use of LED flood lights, that will help illuminate the renowned CCP park during the holiday season and elevate the use of traditional lantern-making technology in the Philippines as well.

CCP-Omni 2017 Holiday Light Installation Competition

On the same month of the unveiling of the “Habi ng Pagkakaisa” Christmas Tree, the CCP, in partnership with the City of San Fernando, Pampanga, will also be launching the highly-anticipated annual display of custom-designed lanterns at the CCP Main Theater Building. Indeed, this event will be a great way to not only start up the holiday season but to also demonstrate both the Filipino creativity and raise awareness of the benefits of adopting lighting technologies that are sustainable and eco-friendly.

We at Omni are excited to be a part of this colorful event and we hope you can join us in this celebration of art, culture, and technology!

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