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Company Profile


Yatai International Corporation is the exclusive manufacturer of OMNI Electrical & Lighting products in the Philippines. Our strengths in marketing, product distribution, and research and development have all contributed to our being a respected name in the electrical and lighting industry. These strengths have helped us grow since our establishment in 1996.

We constantly improve our products and service. Ours is a never-ending quest for excellence.

Brand Profile


OMNI was created as a Filipino alternative to foreign lighting brands, so that people could purchase quality products at reasonable price. OMNI comes from the Latin word “omnis,” which means “all.” In this spirit, we do all that we can to improve our products, our company, and people’s lives.

Our initial product line of lights has expanded to include fixtures and a wide variety of electrical devices. Now, there are more options for home, commercial and industrial use.

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For OMNI to be the most trusted Filipino brand worldwide, as the leading provider of safe, innovative, eco-friendly and superior lighting and wiring products.


With the consumers’ safety and our products quality as our highest priority, our company and its people will deliver world-class OMNI Products and services to Filipinos and other countries through innovation, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, and superior workmanship.

Established in 1996, Yatai International Corporation posiitioned itself to be the standard of quality for lighting and electrical products.

What’s so special about OMNI?

We’re a trusted name in electrical and lighting that consumers can be confident in.

  • Having a factory in a place of rapid industrialization and investing in years of research and development allows us to offer cutting-edge products that are value for money.
  • We are a proud member of the Philippine Lighting Industry Association
  • We have nationwide distribution
  • Our products are available in select international markets such as Hong Kong and Australia

We provide high quality products that guarantee satisfied customers.

  • Our products come with a warranty and technical assistance
  • We are compliant with the Bureau of Product Standards, Philippine National Standards, and the Department of Trade and Industry (PS & ICC Certified).
  • Our products also bear the stamp of approval/quality of the other countries (ICC Quality Mark Certification, CE, GS, TUV, etc.).
  • Our products are energy-efficient and environment-friendly.

OMNI products are comparable to other top-of-the-line products, but are affordable enough for the general public